Cheap NFL Tickets shouldn’t be hard to Get!

In todays growing markets, NFL Football Tickets are hard to get and expensive.  There is increased demand for cheap Tickets and thousands of people are looking to get better deals to see their favorite teams play. There better places then

Whether the Dallas Cowboys, the Panthers, or the Patriots, there are a varsity of ways to get cheaper tickets.

So here’s how we have been finding the best deals and how you yourself can get cheaper Tickets.

Best Methods: 

  1. Check all Online Sites for Comparison Prices
  2. Check Ticket resale Sites
  3. Check Craigslist in regional Location of the game!
  4. Check Stubhub close to the date of the event.
  5. Buy Tickets Earlier?
  6. Buy Tickets outside the Arena?


Explanation of how these methods work:

Online Comparison Sites

Buying Tickets online is a complicated but there are many different places where you can tickets.  Most people stick to but there are hundred of different sites online where you can find better discounted deals.

A lot of Tickets can be found on sites such as Viagogo, Seatgeek, etc…  A quick google search of NFL Tickets will show you the top options, but if you scroll the search results you will be able to find many other Ticket Sites where prices could vary. You may be able to get a $200 Ticket for $180 by simply buying from a different site.

Ticket Resale Sites

Many sites also offer tickets for resale by people who purchased the Tickets and wish to sell them. A lot of Tickets on the resale market can be sold by brokers who are looking to sell the Tickets for a profit. On the other hand their are actual fans who have season passes or had something come up. Usually these people will simply be looking to get rid of their tickets since they can no longer make it to the game. These are some of the best deals you can get. The key to finding these tickets is to check often and check many different sites. Some of the best priced resale tickets usually sell on Stubhub or Ticketmaster resale.

Craigslist in the Location of The  Game

Craigslist is often ignored when it comes to buying tickets but it can be one of the best and cheapest places to buy tickets. People who sell their tickets are usually fans who can no longer make it to the game so they are selling their ticket last minute. On craiglist you can search for tickets and when you happen to stumble upon a good ticket you can send the money via paypal,  venmo, etc… Then the person can send you the Ticket PDF via email, or you can meet them before the game to pick them up.

Stubhub Close to Event Date

Although you should always be checking stubhub. Checking very close to the event date, even the day of the game you can find resale tickets going for dirt cheap because the person wants to get at least some money on his tickets, and therefore before the game they are willing to sell really cheap. You could buy a ticket for potentially $30 for something that may have cost much more!

Buy Tickets Early On?

This may seem  obvious but if you can get Tickets early you can get much better deals on presale and other Ticket discounts.

Buy Tickets outside the event:

This may be the most convenient way to get tickets, but if push comes to shove you can get some good deals on Tickets outside the event. Many times the tickets will be overpriced, but it is still a potential option.


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