NFL 2018 Championship Predictions

Football is the most popular game in the USA and in the entire world as well. The NFL 2018 season which is set to begin on the 6th day of September this year, is going to be the 99th season. Many football fans are looking forward to this season and there are a must watch games that these fans are looking forward to. One of the questions that keep coming up is who will win NFL 2018 season?

Predictions for the upcoming NFL 2018 season

There are many predictions that people have on who will win NFL 2018 season. Since the offseason for the NFL is essentially over, the big free agents have already been signed. A schedule is already made and the predictions have already started. There is no guarantee on who will win NFL 2018 season, but it is the predictions that make the games fun to watch. Here are some of the predictions that have been made for NFL 2018 season;

1.Baltimore Ravens

Prediction: 6-10

This team is 40-40 overall since they won the Super Bowl XLVII. The star of the team is ageing with Joe Flacco, Eric Weddle and Terrell Suggs, each having significant positions to play in the team. Heath, is always playing a factor, and it will greatly benefit the Ravens to play from the offensive line. This is what their game lacked during the last season they played in. However, there has been erosion of the players of the team over the last two seasons ended and there has not been a significant improvement in the team. In these conditions, the Ravens are closer by far to the Browns than the Steelers are. Baltimore has the chance to prove this theory wrong during the match in Pittsburg on the week 4 matchup, before they head off to Cleveland.

2.Pittsburg Steelers

Prediction: 11-5

The Steelers are the best team in the AFC North thus, they are the more legitimate team to contend the Super Bowl. The team was however hit hard when the offensive coordinator, Todd Hayley left the team. This has left Randy Fichtner with the responsibility to learn perfect his new spot in the team. In both of the contests where the Browns will take part in, opening the season and during the 8th week, are expected to be quite interesting. This is because Todd Hayley will be on the Brown’s defensive side while the Steeler’s defensive side is still in the process of perfection. However, things are still looking up for the Steelers because they have the best combination of players with talents. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and even JuJu Smith-Schuster are expected to do well in the defensive area for the Steelers.


Football is one of the most popular game in the world today. The NFL 2018 season is looked forward to. The Eagles are set to open the 2018 NFL season against the Atlanta Falcons. There are many predictions on who will win NFL 2018 but there are not guarantees on the outcome of the game.

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