NFL Ticket Exchanges: The Beginner Guide Book

The NFL Ticket Exchange is a service provided by Ticketmaster as well as many other NFL ticket retailers, it extends the ability for you to buy and sell tickets your tickets for NFL games. It’s basically a fan-to-fan resale marketplace for NFL tickets, where fans can sell their
tickets to other fans, as well as buy tickets from other fans.

Most NFL fans who regularly go to see games will remember at least one time when they had purchased tickets but were unable
to go to the game due to unforeseen circumstances, and it’s in instances like
this when you can list your tickets for sale on the NFL Ticket Exchange.

In many entertainment events, it’s risky buying tickets from a fan or 3rd party, because you can’t be sure that you’re buying a genuine ticket. But, thanks to Ticketmaster and the other ticket retailers who provide this service, all seats are verified by the
retailer, ensuring you’re 100% guaranteed to get entrance to the game you’re
purchasing tickets for.

In order to use the NFL Ticket Exchange, all you need to do is create a Ticketmaster account over at (or any of the other ticket retailers), you can then login to your account, view your tickets, and look for a “Sell” button next to the event listed in
your account. If you can see this button, then you can list your ticket for sale on the NFL Ticket Exchange. If it’s not there, then you may not be able to list your tickets for sale; this could be to any number of reasons – if you have any concerns or doubts as to why you can’t sell your ticket, then your best bet is to contact Ticketmaster to find out why.

One important thing to note, is that you can only offer ticket exchanges for tickets which you have purchased through the retailer where you’re trying to sell the tickets.

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman teams with Ticketmaster and NFL Ticket Exchange, the Official Ticket Exchange of the NFL, to help fans avoid counterfiet tickets. (PRNewsFoto/Live Nation Entertainment)

For example, if you purchase a ticket at Ticketmaster, then you can’t sell that same ticket through another ticket provider or NFL Ticket Exchange service. The reason for this is that they have to verify the ticket is genuine.

With that in mind, you should take care to ensure you book your tickets through the most popular ticket service provider in your region. Ticketmaster tends to be the most popular, especially for NFL games, so if you book your tickets through Ticketmaster, then you can also list
your tickets on the NFL Ticket Exchange there too.

If you’re wondering what sort of price you can get for your ticket, it’s usually the same rate which the retailer would
sell the ticket for, so if you’ve purchased a ticket for $100, then you can expect to get around $100 for the sale of your ticket through the NFL Ticket Exchange.

NFL Ticket Exchange services give you the opportunity to sell your tickets that cant be used, although it’s not much of
an investment opportunity, its great if you’ve purchased tickets for a game which you’re not going to be able to attend.


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